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Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Munden Interactive has released it's latest version of it's computer based testing (CAT) system. Forrest Munden (Creator of Munden Interactive) has developed the same system used by The National Registry Of Emergency Medical Technicians. "I created this system to allow students better prepare the NREMT exam. I it seems like it's impossible to find any testing materials out least any good ones" Forrest goes on to say the many systems out there just seem to take your money and don't really provide any real solutions for NREMT prep. "I created a system that no only tracks and analyzes your score, but provides valuable feedback on the areas you are weakest in. “You can also create an exam that works like the registry. The exam will give you some easy test questions to figure out your abilities and then increase in difficulty trying to determine your level of competency” explains Forrest. 

National Registry has reviewed other sites that offer testing services, but it seems that nobody out there even comes close. Forrest work with code, coupled with his knowledge in the Paramedic industry has created the world's first, true National Registry Exam paramedic simulation.

Joe Erbe, 
National Registry

Joe Erbe
National Registry


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Munden Interactive in Beta?
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Stop the presses! Holy carp! A new testing system has been developed?  


Okay, so I've heard this rumor for quite a long time now and apparently it's true. Forrest Munden creator of the popular or some say has created a new website called Munden Apparently  is this new type of testing system for EMTS, paramedics, and firefighters, and much more evidently. From what people are saying is the first and only paramedic in national registry  style testing system that MIMICS that's right duplicates! the national registry test. It uses the (CAT)  testing method just like the national registry does. We tried to use the website, but we could not confirm this. He did however offer a lot of statistical information, but pretty much beat out even Either way we like the test formats, the feedback was there, and it had a difficulty level testing system up in the upper right-hand corner. It's kind of like a star system, it rates you on a scale of 1 to 5, or I should say it writes the test on a scale of 1 to 5 with star indicator icons in the upper right-hand corner. Users or I should say students are able to tell the level of difficulty of the question. Like I said, there was an excellent statistic tracking system built in. You can also go and retake test questions that you missed, without having to take the test questions you already know. The system saves all of the missed test questions and do a certain bank, you can go back and regenerate a whole quiz based upon information you do not know. You can also create flashcards, or simply import flashcards from other people that were created before you got there. Easy! We love it! Apparently there is a print mode also, that's right e-print mode! You sentence the system allows you to print the test questions off in PDF form and provide an answer sheet.


There is also a section for teachers. Evidently students are able to register for their teachers class. The teacher can either import the students, or the students can add the teacher. There is also an option for the teacher to create quizzes, and assigning the students exams either created by themselves or the tests system. Also, students are allowed to create test questions. The questions can be pretty difficult though much like the NREMT. Have no fear, the system adjusts itself to the users level. That's good and bad, because if it adjusts or I should say "dumbs the question down" that means that you're probably not going to pass the test and the system tells you. Not only does the system tell you, but it will display what they call your areas of weakness. It will actually specify the "areas you are weakness" in. We are not sure yet if we like the gauge listed at the top of the dashboard. It's an indicator that looks much like a speedometer. This speedometer if you will, will tell you if you are ready or not ready to pass the National Registry exam. If it reaches between 80 and 100% it'll indicate green 70 to 80% will indicate yellow, and anything below 70% will be read and it'll flat tell you you're not ready to pass the test.'s tests are pretty affordable too. They're much like JB learning , except without the expense and all of the bells and whistles. JB learning doesn't provide anywhere near the information does. It also doesn't mimic the national Registry, and like I said nobody mimics the national registry except well you guessed it now it's


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Welcome to Paramedic Practice Test
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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hi, I just finished taking the NREMT Paramedic exam, and found out that it is pretty tough! (As I am sure you heard) I decided to talk to people and get their feedback on how to best study for the NREMT exam.  First of all, I only spoke to those that took the recently took the test. Next, I created exams that revolve around all the things you NEED to know! No fluff, the tests contain information vital to your passing. So, if you want to take some free exams, click below. If you want REAL tips! Purchase my custom tests! They are timed based, and contain real feedback and "REALLY GOOD"  tips! Buy the best NREMT preparation tests here!

 Here is a sample paramedic exam I created! Make sure you look at the tips I
included (You may see them again!)

Free Paramedic Practice Test links:

Paramedic test 1 (Random)
Paramedic test 2 (Cardiology) Sample Paramedic Exam   

Paramedic Tests 2
Paramedic Tests 3

This week will bring Firefighter exams to the table. Read more.. 

  We will be updating today!


Lots of free national registry exams preparation tests here!


Click here to try the Sample Paramedic Exam !!!!


Purchase the Paramedic tests HERE!
Paramedic Tests

I did the same thing for EMTs, now I am doing it for Paramedics! was created by a Paramedic!

SealedBuy an NREMT-P study guide now ('s guide) Guide to the exam

Here is a quote from one of our customers

"Thanks for your help and the stuff you sent me helped me out a lot and focus on the stuff I needed to study instead of it being so kicked out of test at...71 questions....i cried thinking that I failed because one of my coworkers took at least 150 questions and she passed...but....everyting worked out and I guest it depends on which test you take right? you have a good day...i know I will I am walking on the clouds and proud of myself and thanks thanks thanks again."

"Thanks Burgy"

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Everything listed on this site comes directly from feedback provided by paramedics that have actually taken the test. Paramedic Practice Test will not post anything that is specific to helping you pass the National Registry Exam for Paramedics.

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